January 3, 2013

Speak 'n' Tell - A Poem by BamBam

Share with me your thoughts of burden and I'll do what I can to ease their weight. 

Speak to me the words you dare not say out loud and I will listen, but most of all I will hear you. 

Share with me your dreams and I will dream them with you. Taking a fantastic journey through a world yet to become reality. 

Tell me your fears and I will attempt to squash them from your mind, and though not shining I will be your suit of armor. 

Share with me your shame and I will help you embrace it, to see the learning in it and overcome its hurdles. 

January 2, 2013


NEW YEAR....BLANK CANVAS....Dec. 30 2012...IDEA GHETTO HQ.....

what do you get idea ghetto for christmas....they seem to have everything they need...they don't believe in CONSUMERISMAS...but they do like music....they do like to hang with their friends....and they love to make everyone create something....cause when you're CREATIN'....you're not HATIN'.......so this is the only theory of CREATIN' we believe in....you get your friends to come to your place at the end of the year....the night before NYE....and you make them think about what your friendship means to them....and then you ARM them with BRUSHES....and say "hey gurl"....you got 20 minutes to paint that thought right there on that there CANVAS....and that's a GHETTO IDEA....and that's a GHETTO PARTY.... and that's the best damn gift you can get a  IDEA GHETTO friend....

Ig4 friends are a real PIECE of work...a  real MASTERPIECE of work actually....thank you all....the best gift EVER!

and if you want to see how we got here...watch this...LOVE LOVE LOVE....



Hey, Wadé here..  So I kinda disappeared from the face of the earth the last few months. Well, to be exact, I went back to school full time at Humber College taking the Design Foundation program.

It's been a chance for me to brush up on my skills in drawing and design, and I've been LOVING IT!

I decided to start collecting some of the more interesting pieces throughout the semester and posting them for you to see. I'll group them by course, to give you a sense on the direction of each class.

In this first post, I'll cover my Structural Drawing class, which basically teaches you to draw objects in perspective.

Many of the subjects were objects we had to draw sitting in front of us in the class. We always had to include all our structural lines demonstrating how we saw the perspective, as well as two smaller initial sketches in the top right corner of what the object looks like from top and side angles

Other drawings were conceptual objects we created out of our imaginations!

Nuit Blanche 2012

On September 29, 2012 the Ghetto was once again lit up with our second unofficial Nuit Blanche projected installation.

Our theme this year was science, specifically genetic sequences. The title 'Toronto is in my DNA' came from Dennis, who will be building his own DNA-inspired art project in the near future.

The finished piece was very pleasing and the night was amazing to experience so many great installations throughout Toronto. We were so happy to once again be a part of this great event!

Check out the actual animated video from the night below..

Toronto is in my DNA! from Wade Shaw on Vimeo.

November 16, 2012

Happy Pride Dennis! Video

Best REGIFT eva!
Capital D here.... Well you guys probably know I have the coolest, most talented people in my life..... I think that if I surround myself with these talented, creative and socially aware people..... Then the qualities that I admire about them the most will hopefully rub off on me and if these traits are inside me then perhaps by hanging with them more perhaps they will come closer to the surface...... Now two of these peeps, Wade and Brian, decided that they wanted to make me a special video for pride 2012..... What amazes me about this little vignette, is that it pretty much sums me up in 38 seconds which is incredible i think (or sad depending on how you look at it)... So take a look....

I have one favour to ask.... Could all of our friends please comment or vote on the correct way to spell the following word:  is it WACKJOB or WHACKJOB...... I expect to see comments on this one... I always said that the only way I would compromise anything is for LOVE... And you know what.... I  compromised the way I spell that WORD above, because now every time I sign into our idea ghetto accounts... I have to spell that word differently than I have spelled and used it since I was 18.... And I do that out of LOVE LOVE LOVE.... And who do I love?  Well it's the iG4 bois of course.... How could you not!

My close friends know that I love to recycle everything.... And not only did they create this 38s AMAZEBALL vignette of my LIFE.... But they had it playing on a mac in my loft... And that folks is the bestest, coolest INSTALLATION eva... It sits in a special place in my loft and in my HEART..... PRIDE 2012.... Thanks I think it was blast...

November 12, 2012

A spark ignited... nay, a sequin

PDot here.  I find myself rejuvenated, motivated and inspired after the first ART CLASSless in October... so much so that I dug out (and dusted off) my portfolio bag to browse some of the water colours I had done years ago... in high school.  When I was a teenager.  And struggling to come to terms with my love of peen. 

But, if you look at my source material, there was no question I was a friend of Dorothy's, a Mary, a homo.

From a photo shoot by the brilliant Steven Meisel, around the time Truth or Dare was about to be released.

Cover shot from the April 1991 Vanity Fair by Steven Meisel with Madonna paying homage to Marilyn Monroe (faaaaar better than Lindsay Lohan could ever do).

Photo from 1991 by Steven Meisel.  The body suit in my version is made of actual magazine clippings on Madonna. 

Janet's iconic Rolling Stone magazine cover (and janet album cover) shot in 1993 by the legendary Patrick Demarchelier.

Back then, I refused to really acknowledge it.  Like date-a-girl, take-her-to-prom, refusal. I painted these water colours (and others) after hours in high school, locked away in my art class (thanks to my encouraging art teacher by the name of Mr. Brown who taught me art every year of HS), free from judgemental stares - or worse - horrible name calling, just to get lost in the paint, the colour and the music I'd listen to while painting.  Don't get me wrong - I had friends and was social.  But I was most at peace with myself with a paint brush in one hand and paint in the other (or a book, but that's another story).

I'm drawn to art - always have been - and love creating.  I think it's an extension of one's being.  And it wasn't until recently - the ART CLASSless in October we posted about recently - that I thought of these paintings again, and how they made me feel when I painted them - ALIVE and FREE!  If anybody knows me now, they'll know that I'm a colourful guy and that my personality is sometimes larger than some can handle (or even understand) - and this was the safest expression of that big, colourful personality at the time, particularly living in a small town.  That's why the colours in my paintings are so exaggerated, I think.

Now, I can rock bright blue pants, a neon green watch and diamond-elle studs (biatch be on a budget) in my ears.  In daylight.  And even in my home town, when I visit.  With no shame (should be no shame in what you do).  You could say that art was the impetus I needed to become comfortable in my own skin.  And it was the rest of my iG boys, who totes get me, that ignited the spark - I mean unleashed the sequins - once again! 

November 4, 2012

Painting is the new black

 Oct. 20, 2012
Idea Ghetto HQ
Once upon a night, 7 novice painters stepped into unit 117 of 365 Dundas St. E not realizing that their lives would be altered like never before.  This must be how Neil Armstrong felt when he stepped foot on the moon.  That one small step would change his life for ever and that is indeed what happened to these 7 painters.
7 painters and their ever talented mentor Mr. James Fowler made it a tight squeeze in the tiny Idea Ghetto (iG) headquarters.  Drop cloths were put down and the thick concrete window shelves were used as a place to mount our canvasses and would obviate the need for easels (to save on space and budget).
Lighting is always important.  We wanted to create an atmosphere so the iG boys didn't want it too bright but we also didn't want it dark since we would have to be able to discern colour.
Ok, mood is set! 3...2...1.... start painting... wait, our mentor had a brilliant idea! Act I.  All paintings and ideas must be ABSTRACT. As initiates, we didn't want to get caught up in rendering images, figures etc., so just emote what you feel on the 16" x 20 canvas.  We were told to pick a SEASON... now that you have in your mind... you have 40 minutes to complete your first canvas.
40 minutes is a perfect amount of time to finish your first piece.  It's just the right amount of time to get the idea out of you and onto the canvas.  At the end of that 40 minutes you are also starting to get comfortable with the paint, the canvas, the idea and the process.  Oh wait 40 minutes is not enough, we think; not sure we're going in the right direction or we're starting to second guess ourselves. 
Enter ghetto stage left, none other than our fearless mentor Mr. James Fowler.  Never have we found someone who just instills the right amount of encouragement, and displaces our complete sense of panic and we realize it is the right direction and of course this was what we were going for.  I think this was the true 'magic' of the evening.  Having our own Tim Gunn... errr I mean, James Fowler "make it work" moment!
Phew, now that's done we have time for a breather or do we?  CRITIQUE (or cold read) time!  This was perhaps the most enlightened part of the evening for us.  Each initiate had to put their painting on the EASEL for everyone to comment on.  Collectively we tried to determine the season each painter had used as a MUSE and also comment on what we saw in the painting.  Since this was not a class, this turned out to be really FUN!  Everyone was very constructive and as we went through each painting our confidence strengthened!  After everybody offered their critique, the artist disclosed the season used as muse and explained the motivation behind it.  Was great to see subjectivity in art in action! 

ACT II.  Our theme was FASHION.  Everyone freaked out! This is too difficult, we can't do this, we though.  FASHION!  Our fearless mentor was determined about this one.  We got one hour.  Here we go.  Oh we're getting into this.  This isn't so bad after all.

We followed the same construct as the first painting: paint, cold read and artist discussion.... Was another insightful experience. But enough pontificating on the evening. If you ever want to treat your friends to a really fun night, then here's what iG does:  Most of our friends think with the left part of their brain.  When they come to iG headquarters, they are forced to use both sides, with a heavy emphasis on the RIGHT.... but perhaps being forced to use the brain is enough!  Thanks to James Fowler, artiste (hey gurl!) and mentor extraordinaire!  A big thanks to Rick "SOX in the CITY" Kopfensteiner for videotaping the whole experience and interviewing all of the initiates (coming soon...). And to the best "paint pals" anyone could want:  Alain Arseneault, Ali Asfour, Shawn "let's have a KEY KEY" Garrett, and the iG boys, Bam Bam, Wade and PDot! With friends like you, who needs JUNIOR KINDERGARTEN!  Standing INN OVATION!!!
And the paintings are hanging in the iG (Capital D's) loft!!