November 16, 2012

Happy Pride Dennis! Video

Best REGIFT eva!
Capital D here.... Well you guys probably know I have the coolest, most talented people in my life..... I think that if I surround myself with these talented, creative and socially aware people..... Then the qualities that I admire about them the most will hopefully rub off on me and if these traits are inside me then perhaps by hanging with them more perhaps they will come closer to the surface...... Now two of these peeps, Wade and Brian, decided that they wanted to make me a special video for pride 2012..... What amazes me about this little vignette, is that it pretty much sums me up in 38 seconds which is incredible i think (or sad depending on how you look at it)... So take a look....

I have one favour to ask.... Could all of our friends please comment or vote on the correct way to spell the following word:  is it WACKJOB or WHACKJOB...... I expect to see comments on this one... I always said that the only way I would compromise anything is for LOVE... And you know what.... I  compromised the way I spell that WORD above, because now every time I sign into our idea ghetto accounts... I have to spell that word differently than I have spelled and used it since I was 18.... And I do that out of LOVE LOVE LOVE.... And who do I love?  Well it's the iG4 bois of course.... How could you not!

My close friends know that I love to recycle everything.... And not only did they create this 38s AMAZEBALL vignette of my LIFE.... But they had it playing on a mac in my loft... And that folks is the bestest, coolest INSTALLATION eva... It sits in a special place in my loft and in my HEART..... PRIDE 2012.... Thanks I think it was blast...


  1. I vote for WACK.

    The Free Online Dictionary: wack (slang) a person regarded as eccentric [yeah, that'd be you capital D]

    Funnier still, WACK is a radio station in Rochester NY!

    W.A.C.K: We Ain't Carbon Kopies! Nope, you be da Original!

    (I miss all you guys! Can't wait to see you next weekend!!)

  2. You make some very compelling arguments...