About - Wadé

I've always considered myself a 'Jack-of-all-Trades'.. All I mean by that is when it came to the work I do, I was always trying something new, as my interests grew and changed as I did..

My love for illustration first started through Saturday morning cartoons, and evolved into comic strips and graphic novels. For years, I earned money busking in the streets drawing caricatures or being hired to paint murals. I've always loved designing automobiles and even dabbled in architecture, and even built theatre sets for skits or larger plays. I was often called upon to build pro-looking (think Muppets) puppets for some of these plays, and gladly filled the role as puppeteer! My official training was in illustration and graphic design, to which I later freelanced for many years, but it was by happenstance that I fell into the animation industry and worked on children's TV shows for the better part of five years.

Though my work has always been visual, since moving to Toronto, my mind has been expanded by way of MUSIC. I took some courses in Jazz Vocal, and met some people who introduced me to some of the sweetest house music I've ever heard, thanks in part to Capital D! With the right funky, happy beat, you will always find me dancing near the DJ or the speakers (and you just might catch me fist-pumping.. but not in the Jersey Shore kinda way! LOL)

I met Brian and Dennis a few years ago, but have only grown really close to them in this last year.. Two fantastic people that have each inspired me differently in many ways. That's why I am so jazzed about being a part of this 'ghetto', and the different projects we've already taken part in.. Our interests are so varied and I have no idea where we'll end up with our creative experiments! Because, as life has proven to me more than once, diverse experiences and a willingness to try new things can ONLY contribute positively to your future!