January 2, 2013


Hey, Wadé here..  So I kinda disappeared from the face of the earth the last few months. Well, to be exact, I went back to school full time at Humber College taking the Design Foundation program.

It's been a chance for me to brush up on my skills in drawing and design, and I've been LOVING IT!

I decided to start collecting some of the more interesting pieces throughout the semester and posting them for you to see. I'll group them by course, to give you a sense on the direction of each class.

In this first post, I'll cover my Structural Drawing class, which basically teaches you to draw objects in perspective.

Many of the subjects were objects we had to draw sitting in front of us in the class. We always had to include all our structural lines demonstrating how we saw the perspective, as well as two smaller initial sketches in the top right corner of what the object looks like from top and side angles

Other drawings were conceptual objects we created out of our imaginations!

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