About - PDot

Let's see, what can I write without sounding:

A) Arrogant
B) Insecure
C) Aloof
D) Like a nut

Some say I'm a cheeky bastard, others say I'm sweet. My mother tells me I'm "handsome", but I think that's what all mothers say about their sons (God bless her!!). I would say I'm complex, maybe a bit crazy (but the good kind) and definitely fun.  You can find me most weekends with my nieces, getting in touch with my inner princess (which involves dancing), and during the other 24 hours, I'm usually getting up to good (yes, good) with my friends (especially the IG boys!).  Large drinks may or may not be involved (see above photo).  And dancing, too.  There's ALWAYS time to dance.

As far as what I do during daylight hours, I work in account services at a pretty big multinational network agency on a financial/retail account, but that doesn't define what I do.  Or who I am.  And until recently, you could say I thought it did.  What I LOVE and LIVE for is the art in the everyday - whether it be photography, sculpture, painting... I could go on. I'm just rediscovering this part of myself (years ago, I would get lost in time, standing in front of a canvas for hours) and would be honoured to have you along with us on this journey - destination unknown.  We're just here to find the art in the ordinary and make the ordinary, art. 


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