About - BamBam

A poet, who'd know it!

During the day I'm a Project Managing  Machine... but who cares about that.
Words are my "thing". Poetry to be exact. Though most of my "stuff" tends to be full of angst and emotionally "heavy", I don't consider myself to fit the "Poet" mold. I'm fun, goofy and most of the time in a really great mood.

What's funny about all this "poet" stuff is, I don't read poetry. I mean, I read SOME but it's not like I can quote poetry or tell you who my fave. poet is. I just know that when the right words come together it's one of the most powerful things in the world. I don't have an English major, I didn't study poetry or writing,  in fact I'm dyslexic (no really. I am). Most of my elementary school teachers thought I was, ahem, "SLOW". Bitch please, I'm was just bored, and a little confused. ;)

Oh, I also love to dance! It's like therapy for me. Not that I need "therapy", but you know, sometimes it's just better to listen to a great song and MOVE than it is to let something bring you down. F-That. :)