October 29, 2012

Poetry, Spoken Word, Slam Poetry or Just Music....

Poetry, Spoken Word, Slam Poetry or Just Music....

So I love music and one of my IG4 litter mates, BamBam is a great little poet and I love his poetry. He would never say he's a poet because he doesn't really read it himself, but he would say he likes words and he likes to play with words and he does. Not sure why he or anyone doesn't read poetry, perhaps they find inaccessible...  So I am always trying to find ways to make BamBam's words more accessble and we have talked about doing a video but we haven't gotten around to doing one... Did I mention I LOVE music? Well here's how I want to try and make his poetry more accessible... now this is just an example of how I think poetry could be put to music. Here is a great track of music that uses a bit of spoken word and then goes into singing by a great vocalist called Divinity in a collaboration with Charles Webster:

Charles Webster Feat. Diviniti - Learning To Love Me (Original) See how the spoken word gets you into the track in a soulful kind of way...I love this track! but here is another spin on the same track that just came out...

The Zepherin Saint Floorwork in this new remix its all spoken word. Listen to this on the way to work it relaxes me... I LOVE LOVE LOVE it... So people may not like the music and they may not like the style, but don't you think you could listen to poetry like this?
... Now what I have to do is find some musicians that want to do something similar to this. With BamBam's words and their music... hmmm, could amazing! But we need some help, who's up for it!?


  1. I'd be into giving it a try! I can bring my computer next time we come up & we can all collaborate.