January 29, 2012


The premise for Sculptomania was simple...get a talented sculptor into the ghetto and have him teach us how to sculpt... Wadé caught the action on camera, otherwise this would have just been another Ghetto Legend. Enter Monty Al-Rubayee into the Ghetto Layer. Monty brought his skills and knowledge, Capital D brought the clay and off we go!
Normally in the layer, we're all too loud to hear over each other, but not this time. A bizzare calm came over the crew and participants... focus is a rare thing, but it worked!
We all pitched in... some really great things came out of the evening. Even Capital D made stuff come to life; JP (the cutie to the left in the above pic) came out with the token morbid creation of the evening - a guy drowning as sharks attack. Top Right pic: Greg suggests an idea to Capital D as he made something that resembled a DNA braid.. Tee-hee!
Half way into the evening, our good friends Nick and Natalie dropped in to visit, and Natalie blew us all away with her hidden talent in sculpture! In no time, she was replicating human body parts! (see below..)
Greg left nothing to waste as he utilized the left-over clay to build his own Inukshuk!
Brian carved this gargoyle to scare away all the nasty spirits from... well, whatever it is they scare spirits away from...
Wadé's Jack-O-Lantern inspired candle holder (just in time for Halloween!)
Upon discovering the coloured clay, Greg diligently went to work on this beautiful Dragonfly!

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