November 1, 2011

it's T, C, A and G to you...but to me it spells DNA

You'll most likely notice over the course of time, that I have a fascination with DNA...i love the 4 bases that make up DNA (T, C, A, G)...whenever I see something I can do with these 4 letters I get really excited and my friends just let me go nuts...turns out that BamBamaral told me that American Apparel was selling tees with the letters of the alphabet on them....when i heard this I lept (not ran) to my nearest AA and scared the bejesus out of the sales representative as i explained 17 project ideas (the AA sales rep had that look of  "if my friends could only see what i have to put up with")...i made my way home and the tees sat on my kitchen table for days...looking at me:

then one night out I was out with da' boys...we came home and when we got in the door we decided to take off our shirts cause my place was so hot (Canadian fall had me just putting on my heat that day)...that's when a GHETTO iDEA happened upon us....this is just one of the pics we got...

and this is how iDEA GHETTO much fun.....stay tuned....

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